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Wire-Brushed Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Wire brushed floors are textured planks that have the grains etched with a wire bristle to open each grain and enhance the natural texture of the wood. The process pulls out the softer grains from the growth rings, it leaves the core of the wood exposed providing a texture that is then sanded and finished to result in a beautiful and resilient flooring surface. At Millennium Hardwood Flooring we carry a large selection of wire brushed wood floors in our Austin Texas are showroom.

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The New England Collection by Regal

The New England Collection is Regal’s affordable answer to luxury hardwood. This magnificent Wire-Brushed Engineered Hardwood  is 7.5 inches wide oak that not only looks great but it has a 7 ply Baltic Birch core make it a hard and durable flooring choice. Strong, beautiful and extremely affordable flooring option.


A dark gray oak engineered hardwood. A modern take on a New England inspired floor.

Atlantic Avenue Oak

Inspired by New England architecture, this wide plank oak is suited for rooms with plenty of light.

Briarstone Way Oak

A wirebrushed, light brown engineered oak consisting of a wide plank

Driftwood Road Oak

A very light and white wide plank engineered oak. A modern look suited for all rooms.

Pigeon Cove Oak

A dark brown with gray tones oak eengineered hardwood.

Railroad Avenue Oak





















Final Touch Collection by Regal

Final Touch like The New England collection, is a very affordable 3/8″ by 5″ width Wire-Brushed Engineered Hardwood.


A medium gray hickory wire brushed hardwood.

Ash Gray Hickory

A dark gray hickory wire brushed hardwood fitted for a modern contemporary room

Smoke Hickory

This gray hickory wire brushed floor that contains some beautiful brown tones.

Pewter Hickory

A natural brown hardwood with accentuated wire brushed wood patterns.

Henna Hickory

A khaki brown hickory wire brushed hardwood with very light gray undertones. Fitting for both modern and traditional settings

Doeskin Hickory

Wirebrushed medium-brown hickory hardwood

Burlap Hickory






SALTBOX wide screen

Master’s Craft -Saltbox


The Saltbox collection is based on the mid-17th century homes that were characterized by a unique timber frame construction with variable width flooring planks. It is a Wire-Brushed Engineered Hardwood, weathered, texture and is made out Maple and Hickory wood. To see this product in person visit our Austin area showroom.


Found your ‘Saltbox?’ Let us bring a sample home to you when you request a free in-home product and flooring installation estimate.

Concord Maple

Concord Maple

Westfield Maple

Westfield Maple

Sturbridge Maple

Sturbridge Maple

Danvers Hicory

Danvers Hickory


Brockton Maple

Berkshire Hickory

Berkshire Hickory

Bedfor Hickory

Bedfor Hickory

Amhearst Hickory

Amhearst Hickory



Hardwood flooring has proven to be the go-to product for beautiful homes. The Brick & Board Collection features a balance between a smooth and gently wire-brushed floors that reveal each plank’s natural grains and provide soothing finesse to ones feet. It is a great reinterpretation of what wood floors once looked like, adding luxury and beauty to your home. This great Wire-Brushed Engineered Hardwood product is ideal for glue down installation over slab.

Interested in installation services? Millennium Hardwood Flooring can help you take your project from start to finish.  512-351-2258


Atrium White Oak

Alcove Hickory

Alcove Hickory

Parlour Hickory

Parlour Hickory

Mantle - White Oak

Mantle – White Oak





Hearth - White Oak

Hearth – White Oak

Garret Hickory

Garret Hickory



















Palladio Collection by Masters Craft


The Palladio is a 7,1/2 inch Oak plank that is resilient and finely handcrafted. Its core is made of 3-ply cross-grain construction making I resilient to expansion, shrinkage and seasonal changes. The top layer consists of a genuine solid hardwood 5/32″ thick making this product ideal for customers that would consider sanding down and refinishing after a few years of ware. The acrylic urethane finish comes with a 25 year residential warranty.
To find out more about this product or to see a sample please visit or call our showroom. 512-351-2258

White Wash - Palladio

White Wash – Palladio

Whiskey - Palladio

Whiskey – Palladio

Walnnut - Palladio

Walnut – Palladio

Tobacco Barn - Palladio

Tobacco Barn – Palladio

Silver Lining - Palladio

Silver Lining – Palladio

Nantucket - Paladio

Nantucket – Palladio

Oak Natural - Palladio

Oak Natural – Palladio

Palladio Dark Roas

Dark Roast Palladio

Saddle - Palladio

Saddle – Palladio

Seaside - Palladio

Seaside – Palladio

Antique Oak

Antique Oak – Palladio

Driftwood - Palladio

Driftwood – Palladio


























Silver Oak dm

The Silver Oak Collection by D&M contains ten unique and vibrant colors, and is made of wide (7-1/2 inch) planks that emphasize that natural color and style of the French Oak. The UV cured oil finish means that these floors will never be outdated. As the floor matures the colors will deepen. This collection can compliment both the traditional styles and the contemporary architectures lending sophistication and style to new developments and refurbished private residences.

Burlywood - Silver Oak Wire Brushed Wood Flooring by D&M

Burlywood – Silver Oak

Champagne Grey - Silver Oak Wire Brushed Wood Flooring by D&M

Champagne Grey – Silver Oak

Galle - Silver Oak

Galle – Silver Oak Wire Brushed Wood Flooring by D&M

Java - Silver Oak Wire Brushed Wood Flooring by D&M

Java – Silver Oak

Pallazo - Silver Oak Wire Brushed Wood Flooring by D&M

Pallazo – Silver Oak

Vintage Barell - Silver Oak Wire Brushed Wood Flooring by D&M

Vintage Barell – Silver Oak

Sea Bronze - Silver Oak

Sea Bronze – Silver Oak

Pearl Grey - Silver Oak Wire Brushed Wood Flooring by D&M

Pearl Grey – Silver Oak

Olive Brown - Silver Oak Wire Brushed Wood Flooring by D&M

Olive Brown – Silver Oak






























Othe Similar Products

Did you know that Laminate Flooring Planks can also have a similar wire-brushed style?

American Hickory Burgundy

American Hickory Riesling -Wire Brushed

American Hickory Riesling -Wire Brushed

American Hickory Shiraz - Wire Brushed

American Hickory Shiraz – Wire Brushed

Name: American Walnut, Port - Wire Brushed

Name: American Walnut, Port – Wire Brushed

Vanderbilt Ave Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring by Regal

Vanderbilt Ave by Regal

McKinney Ave Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring by Regal

McKinney Ave by Regal

Huntington Ave Wire Brushed Wood Flooring by Regal

Huntington Ave by Rega

Grandview Ave Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring by Regal

Grandview Ave by Regal

Cambridge Ave Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring by Regal

Cambridge Ave by Regal

Boston Ave Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring by Regal

Boston Ave by Regal














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