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Laminate Floors

Laminate Floors

We all want our home-sweet-home to be cozy, warm and elegant. In our ideal home-whatever our individual style may be–we seek to find a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. After all, our home is that secure place that we spend most of our time in, and enjoying our home without the worry that what we touch or step on may fall apart is critical to our overall satisfaction with our livelihood. We all know that feeling of looking at an empty room in a new house and creating in our mind an ideal of how best this room will fit our family’s need. We are creational beings equipped with a craving to design and fashion things that are useful and attractive.

These are characteristics and emotions we express and experience even when we have to choose our new floors. Each color and style make us feel and react in different ways according to our personal styles. Some would prefer a modern approach; maybe opt for a rustic touch depending of course on the wall colors and arrangement of each home.

Our floors are the first and last thing we usually look at in our homes. It is what constitutes almost the entirety of our house’s internal design, and something our friends and family will notice too. A shining, stylish and clean floor will upgrade our residence aspect in a major way.

The most popular product today in the Austin and Central Texas area is the natural look and value that engineer hardwood can bring. However, depending on our lifestyle, family size and what pets we have, engineered hardwood may not always be the most practical way to go.

What if we could have the same look and style of hardwood floor, without its drawbacks?

Introducing laminated floors. It is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood (or sometimes stone) with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer. In other words, it looks like hardwood flooring, but it is not.

It is, of course, less expensive than its counterpart and much more resilient than the wooden floor. It doesn’t need that much maintenance as the other material, given the amount of protective layers it has, making it very pet-friendly, as a welcome addition. But there is so much more to this still revolutionary flooring than this. We will list just a few of the benefits:

  • Easier to install: Are you a DIY person? To install Laminate flooring you don’t need any sophisticated equipment to do it, nor an expert. Meaning more savings for you. Now, with the simple system of the laminating floor, you can do it yourself hassle free. And in case you need some tips we are always here to help/
  • Easy to maintain: Forget extenuating cleaning. This material is stain-proof. You still have to vacuum it regularly, but forget about the torture of moping away goo that has lodged into your conventional floors. A simple damp swifter will remove and clean your laminated floors instantly.
  • Versatile look: As we explained earlier, this material can replicate the appearance of hardwood floor almost perfectly. If you experienced with Laminate floor surfaces years ago and found it unattractive and limited in design, rest assured that recent technology has brought back new laminate floor styles that even five years ago were impossible. Wood for example is no longer the only material laminate can emulate. You can also choose laminated floor with stone appearance.
  • Durability: New technology brought more designs, realism and most of all durability to laminate floors. No more scratches, and absolutely no “trenches” caused by large pets that ruined your hardwood floor.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Most Laminate floors on the Austin market are produced from up to 70% recycled content. Additionally, no adhesives are needed for install greatly improving your home’s air quality. Finally, most laminate products go through a rigorous testing process by in depended testers that check for quality and chemical presence.

So, in many ways, laminating floor is the perfect option for your house, durable, infinite selection of colors and styles, and a one that emulates the natural look and feel of real hardwood and even stone. So come in and let us help you design and install your ideal floors in your home. We hope that you will find on this website the perfect product for your home, as we have a great variation of products you can choose from.

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