Rocky Ridge Collection by Aayers

We’re pleased to carry the versatile and durable Rocky Ridge collection from Aayers. The Rocky Ridge engineered hardwood floor collection is composed of a variety of colors and styles, making this collection an easy choice to complement your home.

This collection provides an authentic hardwood look with the variations of colors and textures in the grain. You can select from a wide spectrum of colors, starting from the lightest French Oak Driftwood, to the dark and rustic Hickory Flint. No matter what color you select, you can rest assured in the consistent quality Aayers provides.

Engineered hardwood floor is composed using a top layer of real hardwood bonded onto plywood. Because the top layer of the floor is real wood, your floor’s will have the authentic look and feel of natural hardwood, at a fraction of the price. Engineered hardwood is also significantly more stable than traditional solid hardwood because the construction counteracts wood’s natural tendency to expand and contract with changes in climates.

This flooring choice is 100% compatible with kids and pets, but if you’re worried about scratches, choosing a floor with a stain finish can help hide some of the smaller scratches. As far as maintenance goes, engineered hardwood floors are as low-maintenance as it gets. Simply sweep or Swiffer like you normally wood, and avoid using wet mops. Other than regular maintenance, your Rocky Ridge floors will be self-sufficient.

Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation and we can decide together if the Rocky Ridge collection is the best choice for your home and lifestyle!

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