Best Flooring Options for Homes With Dogs

When you’re looking at renovating or buying a new home, selecting the flooring is especially imperative when you have pets in the household. As much as you love your doggo, your furry friend can cause all sorts of wear and tear over time when you pick the wrong types of flooring.

Generally the flooring you select should be durable and easy to clean due to urine accidents, muddy paws, and other inevitable things that arise.

Fortunately you still don’t have to sacrifice style as long as you’re mindful of your floor choices. You can have the best of both worlds with these flooring options for households with pets.


Laminate floor gives your home a look like hardwood but can be easier to regularly clean. Laminate is hard and durable.

Selecting a textured or embossed finish can help prevent your dog from slipping when walking around. A rug or rug pad on top of laminate can give your dog extra traction.


Vinyl flooring is the go-to choice for many homeowners with dogs. And there are many reasons why. Vinyl is scratch and stain resistant, cost effective, and it comes in a variety of styles. and colors. Aside from being very durable to foot traffic, most vinyl plank floors still maintain decent traction for dogs walking around your home.


Laminate for the most part are very pet friendly. Your dog may have an accident and if it is cleaned up relatively quickly your floor will last for a very long time.


Vinyl floors however are not the only products that are pet friendly. If your home is better suited for hardwood, there are some engineered hardwoods that are more pet friendly than others. If you have a large dog for example that is over 100lbs we would recommend you avoid using products like birch, pine and most maples. 

Before you consider hardwood floor installation learn about the species of hardwood that are best for dogs.

  • Hickory – It is a popular flooring option all around, its hardness well surpasses birch and it often comes in a rustic-like and handscraped style
  • Cherry – The sheer hardness of Brazilian Chery hardwoods means you will never have to worry about your pet scratching the veneer. 
  • Walnut – Like hickory, walnut is a hard surface product with a unique look as well
  • Mahogany – From the same family as Brazilian cherry, mahogany is a hard, durable hardwood that will well surpass the lifetime of most pets

Floor Maintenance Tips for Dog Owners

A few easy tips to help lessen or prevent floor damage:

  • Place a mat underneath the dog bowl to catch any water that spills over.
  • Clip your dog’s nails regularly, for most dogs this is every one to two months. However you’ll be able to tell when it’s needed as you can hear the dog’s nails click when they walk on your home’s floor. 
  • Put doormats at every entrance including doors going out to your backyard.

If you decide on hardwood floors you can also be able to condition some hardwoods once per year and buff every few years.

Need help choosing a specific flooring installation? For Austin and Central Texas homeowners, contact us today.

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