White Oak Flooring and Installation

For a flooring option with both a classic look and the durability you’ve come to expect from hardwood floors, look no further than white oak flooring. White oak flooring can be used in a wide variety of spaces including living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, and even in small bathrooms because of its unique resistance and its noteworthy beauty.

No matter if your space is rustic, modern, glam, farmhouse, or traditional, white oak flooring is the perfect complement to any style. Available in a large range of stain colors including light, dark, and grey variations, as well as warm and cool tones, and any color hue you would like.

Types of White Oak Flooring

There are two separate species of white oak. Domestic White Oak (also domestic) has similar grains to the classic red oak that is popular in many homes but without the reddish and pink tones of red oak. The European White Oak is slightly more pale, the grains are more stretched and in most cases comes in wider and longer planks. In terms of durability the two are identical. In terms of popularity, the European White Oak is more popular because of the wider planks that designer and custom builders love.

“Millennium Flooring offered the best quote for our engineered hardwood flooring project. We had 850 sq ft of European Oak floors installed, and are very happy with the product installation and service. Stefan has a great team, excellent pricing and goes the extra mile to work with the customer. We had a great experience with our project, and would definitely recommend!!”



“Millennium Hardwood Flooring has the best team ever. I purchased European White Oak from the store for my 4000 sqft house. I actually brought a sample from another store, and Stefan gave me a better deal with a quicker shipment! They provide an excellent customer service and make sure I’m satisfied with my purchase. I already referred Millennium Hardwood Flooring to my friends and neighbors, and they are already getting their hardwood flooring done through these wonderful people. I strongly recommend this company to whomever is looking to get beautiful hardwood flooring done!!!”
Debbie K.

Debbie K.

Benefits of White Oak Flooring

As we hinted at above, white oak flooring is extremely durable, but what you may not know is that in durability tests white oak even outperforms other oak species, including red oak. This hardness makes it easier to stain the floors, so you can expect a smooth and even outcome no matter which stain color you select.

An engineered white oak flooring means that your floor is also more suitable to be installed in areas where humidity may be high. Kitchens and powder rooms are very much suitable to have white installed.

Why Millennium Hardwood Flooring?

Our dedicated experts have years of experience recommending and installing hardwood floors – including white oak flooring – so you can rest assured that you’re getting both sound advice and a quality install. We take the time to get to know you and your space so that you feel more than satisfied with your purchase post-installation.

For all of your hardwood flooring and engineered flooring (including laminate and vinyl) needs, give our team a call today!

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