How To Match Flooring with Your Home Décor

The biggest mistake in flooring is ignoring its presence in pulling together the design elements of a home.

When you’re looking to redo the floors in your home or buy a new house, one of the first ways you can save money is by doing an inventory of your current décor.

Inside the common areas in your home start with the rugs. One of the secret tricks many interior designers use is picking out the color choices from the rug. If the rug has multiple colors or just one neutral tone, the possibilities are endless.

Tribal rugs are also very adaptable. Once you have identified your favorite colors in them, you can see which furniture matches and whether you want to paint the walls a complimentary tone.

More Tips on Flooring & Décor Colors

Colors don’t have to be the exact hue as other pieces to still come together with your flooring and room. 

With your furniture, identify whether pieces are predominantly dark or light. Then go in the opposite direction with the flooring color to create a stylish contrast. If your furniture is a darker wood, go lighter on the flooring.

In many contemporary homes, you’ll see two to three different wood tones ranging from light to dark in large, open plan spaces.

Flooring match the color tone of furniture legs is also common. However, you’ll want to keep in mind having too many darker elements inside a room can diminish the natural light.

Selecting Flooring Based on Furniture

If you have dramatic furniture beautiful enough to fit in a hotel lobby, let them be the focus in your design. Use light, neutral colors on the walls and flooring so that pieces like a baby grand piano take center stage. 

Making Strategic Decisions Around Floorboards

The size of your a room also can play a key role in your new flooring. Wider planks seen in oak make larger spaces feel more intimate and will jump out visually. More narrow boards fade into the background and make smaller rooms feel much bigger

If you need help selecting new vinyllaminate or hardwood floors around your home’s décor, contact us today.

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