Kentwood European Plank Collection

We proudly carry and install Kentwood Hardwood flooring, a combination of European Oaks amd Maple. This line is inclusive of both engineered and some solid wood flooring options. While the engineered option is typically more affordable, the authenticity of solid hardwood floors is hard to beat.

“Were truly professionals, honest, and gave us a good price on high end floors. We love our Kentwood floors more and more everyday. Thanks Stefan for your knowledge and hard work.”
April S.

April S.

Kentwood’s European Plank collection utilizes a variety of wood options in their manufacturing including: Brich, Oak and Red Oak. Additionally available are a spectrum of colors ranging from the dark Brushed Oak Black Tusk, to the light Brushed Birch Oyster Point, to the warm Sculpted Oak Cougar Rock. The textures of the flooring in this collection are notable as well; both brushed and sculpted finishes are used to give your home a truly custom look.

The European Plank collection is as durable as it is aesthetically beautiful, making it the perfect addition for homes with pets, children or entertaining. Wood flooring is also particularly low-maintenance, making it easy to keep clean, while providing additional longevity. While the Kentwood European Plank collection will be a great addition to any home, we understand choosing specific flooring can be a difficult decision. Our team of flooring experts is available to answer any questions you may have and we also provide complimentary consultations.

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