Kentwood European Plank Collection

We proudly carry and install Kentwood Hardwood flooring, a combination of European Oaks amd Maple. This line is inclusive of both engineered and some solid wood flooring options. While the engineered option is typically more affordable, the authenticity of solid hardwood floors is hard to beat.

Gulf Collection

Destin – Kentwood – Gulf Collection

Matagorda – Kentwood – Gulf Collection

Vermillion – Kentwood – Gulf Collection

Crystal Beach – Kentwood – Gulf Collection

Bayside – Kentwood – Gulf Collection

Galveston – Kentwood – Gulf Collection

Fulton – Kentwood – Gulf Collection

Rockport – Kentwood – Gulf Collection

Kemah – Kentwood – Gulf Collection

Seadrift – Kentwood – Gulf Collection

“Were truly professionals, honest, and gave us a good price on high end floors. We love our Kentwood floors more and more everyday. Thanks Stefan for your knowledge and hard work.”
April S.

April S.


Milan – Kentwood – Couture – Katwalk

New York – Kentwood – Couture – Katwalk

Barcelona – Kentwood – Couture – Katwalk

Paris – Kentwood – Couture – Katwalk

Madrid – Kentwood – Couture – Katwalk

Seoul – Kentwood – Couture – Katwalk

Bespoke Collection

A tailored flooring collection of eight beautifully stylish colors perfectly suited to the discerning designer. The Bespoke Collection includes five straight lay floors, accompanied by three in matching Herringbone, all on brushed European White Oak veneers with medium and high aesthetic variation. The straight lay is available in a generous 7” width, and an assortment of long planks up to 86”, while the Herringbone flooring is available in a 4 5/16” width bringing a look of distinction to any room.

Coos Bay – Kentwood – Bespoke Collection

Gold Hill – Kentwood – Bespoke

Coos Bay – Herringbone – Kentwood – Bespoke Collection

Gold Hill – Herringbone – Kentwood – Bespoke

Abode By Kentwood

Tempo Collection

Achieve a luxurious and generous 7½” wide-plank effect at a very affordable price with Tempo. Rustic-grade hardwood in oak, hickory, or maple creates the brushed veneer, lively grain patterns and rich color variations. Some designs from the collection include additional touches, such as filled knots and custom stain treatments.

Axe Blade – Kentwood – Abode – Tempo Collection

Clay Pot – Kentwood – Abode – Tempo Collection

Brushed Hickory – Heart Wood – Kentwood – Abode – Tempo Collection

Oak Natural – Kentwood – Abode – Tempo Collection

Drawbridge – Kentwood – Abode – Tempo Collection

Pocket Knife – Kentwood – Abode – Tempo Collection

Guide Post – Kentwood – Abode – Tempo Collection

White Sand – Kentwood – Abode – Tempo Collection

Maple Natural – Kentwood – Abode – Tempo Collection

Frozen Lake – Kentwood – Abode – Tempo Collection

Brushed Hickory Nat – Kentwood – Abode – Tempo Collection

Canyon Echo – Kentwood – Abode – Tempo Collection

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