Guide to Buying Laminate Flooring

When walking into a flooring showroom committed to invest in your flooring project deciding the color and style of your laminate floors may be your primary concern. Before making the color and style decision here are some tips you should consider.

Underlayment Quality

The most basic underlayment may do the job, but opting out for a higher quality underlayment will hardly be a cost increase while adding great value, practicality and lifetime to your laminate floors. A rubber-based underlayment for example will not only protect your floor from moisture but it will also minimize sound.

Trims and Molding

When installing a new floor in your home it may also be the opportune time to enhance or replace your baseboards and trims. Opting for a wider baseboard 4-6inches) will add a pleasant visual effect and create a clear contrast between your laminate floors and wall paint. If you are happy with your baseboards then shoe molding will add character to and style to your room while saving you additional expenses. – Shoe Molding: a quarter inch rounded trim that runs around the baseboard concealing expansion gap between laminate and baseboard.)


Hiring a professional installer is strongly recommended if this is the first time you will be working with this type of material. At Millennium Hardwood we offer affordable installation prices that come with a two-year warranty and complimentary delivery of the product to your home. Why risk an uninsured installer from a listings website when you can have the project completed by true professionals?


New technology has allowed manufacturers to improve the quality, durability and look of laminate floors. With that, also a price increase. Although overall laminate floors will be less expensive than wood flooring, expect that a high quality laminate (12mm) to be anywhere in between $2.80 to $4.00 per square foot. You may also find a strong 8mm alternative at a more affordable price but we would not recommend that you choose a 6mm or 7mm – that $0.89/sf you spent on laminate this year can become very expensive next year when you have to replace it.

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