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The Madera Collection from Cambridge Estate is all about elegance. Unlike other hardwood floor collections, the Madera Collection focuses on complementing the latest styles while providing the perfect flooring option for more contemporary and modern homes.

The Madera Collection planks are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, as well as a large range of wood source variations like American Hickory, European Oak and Maple.

Although the Madera Collection is less rustic-looking than some of the other collections we carry, it is just as durable. Cambridge Estate specializes in manufacturing high-quality engineered hardwood floors that will last the lifetime of your home.

Each flooring plank is individually selected and then dual hand-stained, using either a warm or cool toned stain to create a custom looking color. The staining process accentuates the character and the movement in the wood grain, leaving a natural and lasting result.

The selection and installation process for the Madera Collection is easy:

  1. Determine which type of wood you would like: Hickory, Oak or Maple
  2. Select the color that best complements your home
  3. Measure the square footage of the rooms where you’re replacing the floors
  4. Work with our team of experts to determine what plank sizes will work best in your home

We will then order the wood and install it for you at an arranged time. If you’re not sure what wood and color variation will work best in your home, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’re happy to assist!

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