White Oak Hardwood Qualities

In Texas some of the most popular engineered hardwood species is and has been some of the more domestic wood species like hickory, pine and even birch. These are hardwoods that owe their popularity each to their unique look and that fact that traditionally, these have been more accessible materials.

White Oak Hardwood Flooring however has recently become more and more popular. It is appreciated by many because of how it differs from more common wood species that have been popular in the area, and because of its durability and strength. Though Oak is popular across the US as a solid hardwood, in Texas it has become most popular as an engineered glue-down option.

Here are some of the unique qualities of white oak hardwood flooring.

Brighter Colors

White oak engineered hardwood can be worked and stained into any color desired. Yet the most people tend to be attracted to white oak hardwood when preserved in its natural lighter colors that add a sense of serenity to the home and make the mood of each room brighter. So whether one is seeking to install it in a modern or a formal setting white oak will make every room a brighter and beautiful place.

Unique Grain

The natural wood grains of the white oak will look different depending on the width of the planks. A 3-inch plank will have a tighter and linear grain whereas a 7 & ½ inch plank will contain a larger portion of the growth rings. Because Oak does not grow as fast as other species, the growth rings and grains will be tighter much more defined which makes the product attractive.


The Janka hardwood hardness scale shows white oak at a high 1360, higher even than red oak (1290). It is a great option even for high traffic areas in your home like hallways, entry and kitchen areas. This type of durability means you will not walk as if on eggshells and will be able to enjoy a beautiful, elegant and durable hardwood floor.

Though it has always been around and always a solid option, White oak’s beauty and enduring qualities has brought it much attention and Texas residents are showing a growing interest in this beautiful hardwood floor.

If you are interested in seeing a sample (or two) of wide plank engineered hardwood, we invite you to visit our floor store and showroom in Austin. We carry engineered hardwood flooring in both white and red oak with our collections from Kentwood and Palladio. The wide selection of color and texture choices is sure to leave you with a style that complements your home.

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